MATRIX 1000-1300

MATRIX 1300 5-axis high-speed machining centre

Rigidity and high dynamics are distinctive features of this this 5-axis machining centre making it ideal for machining a multitude of components and products at high speeds with maximum milling performance.

Matrix thanks to the speed of the linear axes which reaches up to 40m/min, to the Direct Drive head with a rotational speed of up to 100 rpm and to continuous rotation of axis C,  this 5-axis high-speed machining centre is the perfect solution for specific production requirements  as profiling complex workpieces with 5 continuous axes ensuring and guaranteeing maximum machining precision and performance.

The direct drive twist head which can be positioned at any angle thanks to the powerful hydraulic brakes also allows for fitting spindles up to 40 kW with a rotational speed of up to 28,000 rpm incorporating into this machine powerful milling  performance across a choice of materials as light and specials alloys which are used primarily in the aerospace industry  for manufacturing precision components.


Matrix thanks to the various machine configurations and choice of models offered it is possible to have  axis X from 2,500mm up to 3,900mm, axis Y starting from 2,000mmm up to 8,000mm and axis Z from 1,000mm up to 1,600mm, and the perfect solution  for machining medium and large size workpieces in steel, aluminium, resin and composite materials.
The closed structure and drive assemblies mounted on the top part of the machine, ensure maximum operator safety and maximum machining precision and reliability.

Machining precision and quality are further enhanced  by the thermal symmetry of the machine  structure, and by the thermal stabilising system which stabilises and maintains the temperature of the balls nuts, bearings on axis Z and  axis drives  at the same temperature of the machine structure during high-speed machining operations.

In fact this thermal stabilising system makes the machine practically insensitive to distortion caused by thermal expansion and  drift due to continuous high-speed machining  operations.  A sophisticated finite element method (FEM) for part dimensioning integrated with 3D dynamic simulation has allowed us to design structural elements ensuring ultimate strength,  geometric accuracy and  stability when machining at high-speeds.


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