High-precision 5-axis vertical machining centre, particularly suitable for hi-feed roughing, finishing and semi-finishing operations on medium applications made of steel, light alloys and composites.

High-precision 5-axis vertical machining centre with 2.000 x 2.500 x 800/1.000 mm travel, particularly suitable for hi-feed roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations on medium applications made of  steel, light alloys and composites. It has been designed, developed and optimized through the most advanced Digital twin simulation technologies that, besides guaranteeing excellent working performances, it allows using this technology to speed up all simulaton and machine configuration phases.

The high degree of stiffness guaranteed by the monobloc structure is combined with technological solutions like the High Dynamic technology which can maintain high dynamics and reduce friction factors, thus allowing to obtain higher jerk, acceleration and speed.
The 4th generation of Matrix E1 is here.

Digital Native
We started from a virtual environment in which we included all the features of the machine and all its components (motors, screws, bearings, etc.). In this way, we have obtained an extremely realistic simulation of the behavior of the machine and we have virtually tested it in the various scenarios of use going to fix every detail up to the intended objective. Only then we start to produce it.

The thermo-symmetric structure along with the Thermal Shield technology ensure the total control of thermal expansions, the direct motors used for the axes movements remove the backlash and the vibrations and the A and C-axis are motorized by Direct Drive motors: all these features make possible to halve the commissioning times and to reduce Customer’s operative costs.
Monobloc structure
A rigid monobloc structure made of electro-welded steel has been designed to guarantee stiffness and vibration damping during the most demanding operations. Since coloumns and table are made of a single structure, remachining or readjustments at the installation site are no longer necessary.

The structure incorporates a complete series of chip conveyors which can be replaced by a convenient dust extraction system when working on composites.

Both bridge and RAM, among the sturdiest in their category, ensure greater stability in roughing operations while maintaining high dynamics and accuracy in finishing operations.
Best optimization of the ratio between machine size and axis strokes, i.e. the footprint efficiency ratio. The transversal arrangement of the layout (transversal stroke 2500 mm and longitudinal stroke 2000 mm) allows to push the machine rear side against the wall, improve the machine visibility to the operator and deliver the machine to the customer already assembled.

The thermo-symmetric structure along with the Thermal Shield technology considerably improves the control of the thermal expansion and allows reducing structural deformations without using expensive cooling systems. The direct motors for the axes movement remove the backlash and the vibrations caused by the belts; the Direct Drive motors for A and C-axis guarantee the necessary power when required. The head is equipped with large bearings to ensure the utmost vibration damping and the best positioning precision provided by the high-resolution integrated encoders; moreover, both torque motors and electrospindle are coolant-refrigerated.

This machining centre guarantees enough thrusts and rigidity to perform high-feed roughing and top-of-the range semi-finishing and finishing operations. At the same time, it offers the ideal dynamics, speed and accelerations for those who are looking for the highest production performances even on the most demanding parts made of aluminum or composite.

Installation times and costs have been halved. The monobloc structure allows delivering the machine already assembled to the customer, considerably simplifying installation time on site. The structural rigidity just requires simple flat foundations, thus minimizing the use of anti-shrinkage cement and chemicals for ground anchoring.

The reduction of operating costs represents, of course, an added value. The kinematics and mechanisms lubrication has been completely reconceived, replacing the traditional systems with an advanced plant for lubricant control and distribution. In this way, the most common problems such as dirt, stains, dangerous vapors, and relevant maintenance costs are solved.
Any variations in temperature are stabilized thanks to thermo-symmetrical structures and the patented Thermal Shield. The working area is covered with modular stainless steel panels which, combined with the chip discharging system, allow keeping it clear and safe for the operators and also to extend the machine life.
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