MATRIX E3 - from a workshop made by multiple machines to the concept of a single machine with the multiple functions of a workshop

It is more than a machining centre, it is a real technology platform. Several components and accessories are installed on a stable and robust but, at the same time, extremely dynamic structure to perform entire machining processes in different fields.



Matrix represent our high-end machining centres which allows combining the robustness and thrust required in the roughing phases with the dynamics and precision required in the finishing phases.
The range is dedicated to application areas where high precision is required on large workpieces made of light and super alloys, steel and special composites.

Specifically, Matrix E3 can be configured with various dimensions: the Z axis can have a stroke of 1,300 or 1,500 mm, the Y stroke can be 3,000 or 4,000 mm, while the X axis starts from 3,000 mm and goes up to 4,000, 6,000 and 8,000, increasing of 2,000 mm up to a maximum of 30 metres.
Designed, developed and optimized through the most advanced Digital Twin simulation technologies, besides excellent working performance, it allows using this technology to accelerate all phases of simulation and machine configuration.


The thermo-symmetrical structure and the Thermal Shield technology ensure total control of thermal expansion.

The 3 linear axes use powerful brushless motors in Dual Drive to guarantee maximum power in the thrust phases and at the same time high precision in the finishing phases.

The A and C axes are driven by Direct Drive motors perfectly stabilised by liquid cooling to ensure maximum performance.


Strength, speed and accuracy

The right combination to carry out all the processing steps in one setup: roughing, semi-finishing, finishing, measurement and check of the surface.

All tests show a reduction in execution time: thanks to the high dynamics and the 5 interpolated axes, up to 600 cm3/min on steel can be removed from moulds. At the same time, it has the agility and precision that distinguishes products suitable for superfinishing, reaching very high tolerances.

The results have been achieved by working on multiple aspects, from the structure design to the choice of the best motors, from temperature to movement control, up to the choice of the most advanced technological and software solutions.

Installation and operative costs reduced

In the operational life of a machining centre every euro saved on the hourly cost becomes extremely important.

For this reason, we took care of every single detail to reduce this cost. ​​​​​​This has led to choices such as the static thermal stabilization, i.e. the ThermalShield technology,  the renewed hydraulic system with Rexroth CytroPac and the new lubrication system which considerably simplifies the whole system.

Great attention is paid to the choice of the filtration system, which not only considers customer's operational needs, but it takes into account also the cost of consumable parts and the time spent by the operator on maintenance. The stainless steel interior also speeds up cleaning operations and extends the machine operating life.



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