The advantages of Additive manufacturing
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Breton Hawx is the new 5-axis, high-speed vertical, gantry, monoblock machining centre, ideal for milling and trimming operations on elements with complex three-dimensional shapes.

Fast, robust and stable over time, it allows machining a wide range of materials with consistent precision.

Where others stop, Breton Hawx goes on.
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ORTHOGONAL HEADS: Typhoon and Typhoon HD

To meet the requirements of the Mould&Die industry, Breton has developed two orthogonal heads over the past few years: Thypoon and Typhoon HD. 
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CASE HISTORY: Bugatti Chiron's Tail Light

Find out how you can get the rear light frame of the BUGATTI Chiron from 197 kg of solid aluminium to a special piece completely finished and polished, weighing only 1.5 kg.
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MATRIX 800, the 4th generation is here

Find out the highlights of our latest creation, our first fully Digital Native machine. The fourth generation of the machining centre that has most of all marked our evolution was launched!
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OPEN HOUSE June, 14-15 2018

Special invitation: Breton Machine Tools opens the doors to its production departments. Discover more about this special event
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INDUSTRY 4.0: connect to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The age of connection is gone, now you must be interconnected!
You can call it Industry 4.0, smart factory or anything else but it’s a real revolution!
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Breton Ultrix 1400

Ultrix 1200 EVO: doubled working area with 30% less footprint

The vertical spindle allow an easier piece setup, the trunnion table offers a better accessibility and can be used to remove chips.
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Automation: wide range of solutions for Breton machines

No one seems to remember that the machine tool itself it’s an automation!
Not too many years ago, the NC was the operator brain and robots were still to be invented.
Now the situation is completely changed and in the industrialized area, in order to be competitive, we need to remove the constraint of a ration 1:1 between operator and machine.
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New Matrix 1000: ideal for mould&die makers

The name “Matrix 1000” is not new for Breton; originally intended for the mould&die market, it had excellent success over the years. The machine has been completely redesigned to cope with changes in the market, thus maintaining only the name and the target sector.
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