Breton for Industry 4.0: connect to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The age of connection is gone, now you must be interconnected!
You can call it Industry 4.0, smart factory or anything else but it’s a real revolution!
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Ultrix 1200 EVO: doubled working area with 30% less footprint

The latest machine born in Breton, natural evolution of Ultrix and Xceeder family doubles the working area and reduces the footprint by 30%. The vertical spindle allow an easier piece setup, the trunnion table offers a better accessibility and can be used to remove chips.
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Automation: wide range of solutions for Breton machines

No one seems to remember that the machine tool itself it’s an automation!
Not too many years ago, the NC was the operator brain and robots were still to be invented.
Now the situation is completely changed and in the industrialized area, in order to be competitive, we need to remove the constraint of a ration 1:1 between operator and machine.
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New Matrix 1000: ideal for mould&die makers

The name “Matrix 1000” is not new for Breton; originally intended for the mould&die market, it had excellent success over the years. The machine has been completely redesigned to cope with changes in the market, thus maintaining only the name and the target sector.
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Breton Journal 2017-2018 is now available

New machines, technologies, innovations: to receive it in pdf format write to

[EMO 2017] New MATRIX 1000

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“We've shifted gear”

The arrival of a Breton Eagle in SCA's workshop in Gessate (Milan) not only solved a host of operational problems, it also allowed the company to approach sectors and materials that were hitherto excluded.
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Innovation and quality for aerospace applications

Aerospace, the industry continuously searching for innovative materials offering better performance and always looking for micrometrical accuracies.
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Breton Matrix 1000 DYNAMIC, the 5-axis "no-compromise" machining centre

Boosting productivity is a common denominator for companies in the aerospace, automotive, and toolmaking industries. The production of high quality components, of impeccable precision and advanced technology is a plus that only certain 5-axis machining centres can deliver.
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Breton = Leading edge technology

With the purchase of Breton's new high speed 5-axis vertical machining centre for milling of parts in superalloys, steel, aluminium and engineered materials, Focus On Molds can assure its customers the impeccable quality standards befitting the company's high reputation on the market.
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