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Welcome to the latest Breton News: firstly, we will talk about a case-study on calibration systems. Secondly, let's discover how the proper use of countersink can positively affect the working on rivets on the external surface and optimize aerodynamic performances.
Lastly, you'll learn how a 5-axis cnc machining center for milling changed the way to produce for an Italian company near Milan.

Calibrate accuracy!

Breton uses Renishaw calibration systems to control and verify all produced machinery, in order to offer maximum accuracy to the customers

Countersink? No problem!

Breton automatic countersink solution for aerospace and automotive industry

"We've shifted gear"

The arrival of a Breton Eagle at the SCA workshop in Gessate (MI) allowed the Italian firm to approach sectors and materials that were precluded before then


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