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Savoia Marmi, a landmark company in natural stone processing, granted Breton its trust

The history of Savoia Marmi began 40 years ago.
Initially thought as a sawmill hired from local companies (near Verona), nowadays Savoia Marmi is a landmark company in the processing of marble, granite, porphyry and onyx, that can count on lots of prestigious works commissioned worldwide.
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Breton ContourFive - the present and the future of ornamental sculpture

The natural stone manufacturing technology – marble and granite – has made strides over the last years thanks to 5-axis working centers, allowing to obtain complex architectural products that were not conceivable until a few years ago.
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Bao Lai chooses Breton for its marble machining requirements.

Bao Lai Investment JSC is established in 2010 focusing on mining and processing of Vietnam white marble to meet the demands of construction materials like ornamental and artistic white marble, the company provides services domestically as well as internationally.
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Big deals on Breton's second-hand machines!

Are you looking for a second-hand machine for marble or granite processing?
Here you can find the right machine for your needs!
There are some DEALS NOT TO MISS!
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Contourbreton NC 300 EVO - NEW accessories FREEPASS and EASYLOCK

When you buy a new Countorbreton NC 300 and NC 300 EVO, you always have a wide range of opportunities to personalize it to improve its use and adapt it to your needs and desires.
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MiterWave and Combicut: the perfect miter always, even with non-planar slabs

Often, if not always, the slabs of different materials, above all ceramic, are not perfectly flat or as flat as one might think.

Tensions, bad cutting, or imperfect calibrations are very common.
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Big deals on Breton second-hand machines!

Are you looking for a second-hand machine for marble and/or granite?

Click the link below to find out more about our available deals!
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Smartflex: CNC cutting centre with three cutting spindles, belt rotating work bench and twist head

Equipped with three cutting spindles, one of which mounted on a rotating head that is also equipped with workpiece suction cups in order to optimise the surface area to be cut.
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Luxmaster 5000 TANGO: technological excellence for absolute performance

The new Breton LUXMASTER TANGO project is the result of a perfect mix of tradition and innovation.
Reliability, sturdiness, performance excellence and innovative solutions, features that have always distinguished Breton products, have also been the guidelines for designing this new polishing machine for marble slabs.
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Resin Drone: robot for automatic resin treatment of slabs

SIMPLICITY FIRST: This was our watchword as we developed our robot for automatic resin treatment of slabs.
We have designed it by taking a 5-axis interpolated machine as a model, a technology now well-established and widespread, and by inventing a new application.
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Hyperock: the revolutionary process of resin-treating of slabs

Hyperock is the resin treatment system by means of vacuum-impregnation - not immersion - that allows to handle even the most resisting materials in a single pass and employ less workforce.
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Breton Journal 2017-2018 is now available

New machines, technologies, innovations: to receive it in pdf format write to

Breton second-hand machines Magazine is now available!

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Breton XpressTOP: the modular software to manage the production of kitchens

Are you a manufacturer of kitchen plans?
Breton XpressTOP is the right software to manage the entire production process and speed up your daily work.
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Breton Paragon multi-wire and 5.3mm wire: a WINNING COMBINATION

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Are you looking for a CNC bridge saw to speed up your work? This is the right machine for you!

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Marmomacc 2016, amazing sculpture realized by Breton Shapemill

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Waterjet CLASSICA - Numerical control, 3 or 5-axis water jet saw

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FUEGO 4X - The innovative 4-axis diamond wire shaping machine

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The What, Why and How of 5-Axis CNC Machining

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