APP - Polymer applicator

APP - Polymer applicator for slab polishing lines

The Polymer Applicator (APP) is a cost efficient and environmentally sustainable method for protecting polished surfaces of slabs when they are stacked in “packs” and when being handled and moved.  


Breton APP is a specific system mounted just before the automatic  slab discharge unit at the end of the polishing line. It is designed to apply dots or lines of a thermoplastic polymer. 

The number, the interval between dots/lines and form can be programmed to specific requirements. This polymer has been developed and formulated  to protect the polished surface of slabs when they are stacked in “packs” in the warehouse and when being handled. 

APP is an alternative system to the conventional polythene film offering the advantage of not having to deal with waste treatment and relative costs.
The polymer is purchased in granules in drums of 25 kg.

The granules are heat melted in the purpose container (1) and the melted polymer is conveyed along the heated piping (2) to the extruder gun which is also heated (3) and moves transversally.

The extruder gun, depending on the form programmed, deposits dots or lines of melted polymer on the polished surface of the slab. The polymer instantly cools down and solidifies when it comes into contact with the cold slab and remains bonded to the surface.  


Depending on whether the slab to be treated is at a standstill or in movement and also depending on extruder gun translation speed and extruding time, it is possible to obtain various arrangements of  polymer dots or lines on the slab surface: 
An example of an arrangement of polymer dots at an inclined axis.
An example of an arrangement of polymer lines at a transversal axis.
An example of an arrangement at a transversal axis of larger polymer dots.


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