Multibreton AC-AD

Multibreton AC-AD - Automatic slab cutting line with software optimisation

The ideal cutting line to achieve a high production capacity when plunge-cutting granite and marble slabs. This line consists of two cutting machines positioned in sequence, our Multibreton AC longitudinal saw and our Multibreton AD crosscutting saw, which simultaneously cut different slabs guaranteeing a high production capacity.

Depending on the size of the slab to cut and production requirements, it is possible to vary the number of cutting spindles fitted on both cutters. The cutting line production cycle can be programmed and completely automatic. The machines are equipped with control panels provided with colour “touch-screen” monitors and technologically advanced software featuring a fast and intuitive operator-machine interface. Upon request this cutting line can be supplied with a software option for optimising cutting operations.

Multi-blade longitudinal saw

The Multibreton AC cuts the slab which travels on the conveyor belt mounted on side guides, whereas the cutting spindles rigidly locked to the beam remain in a fixed position. This cutting system ensures an almost perfect parallelism of the single cuts, a machining necessity when cutting rightangled workpieces.

Cross-cutting saw

The Multibreton AD cuts the slab as the spindle holding beam advances at a right-angle to the conveyor belt. The beam travels at a perfect right angle on guides enclosed in an oil bath and protected by a labyrinth seal casing. Beam motion is controlled by a variable speed motor and two ball screw assemblies coupled to ball nuts mounted to the two supporting frames of the beam.

A shaft coupled to the angle reduction units ensures the ball screw assemblies are synchronised. A mobile aligner for squaring up the strips before cutting is installed at the front end of the machine opposite the spindle-holding beam.

The aligner travels on roller bearings and is driven by pneumatic cylinders and two rack-pinion couplings which ensure synchronised movement. This system guarantees an almost perfect geometry of rightangled workpieces.


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