Levibreton KFG 4600

Levibreton KFG 4600 - Belt polisher for marble slabs

It is produced in two versions: KFG 4600/011 and KFG 4600/018, equipped with 11 and 18 spindles, respectively.
The max. speed of the mobile beam is 70 metres/minute.

The polishing spindles are driven by a 15 kW motor each.

The abrasive-holding plate has a diameter of 550 mm and holds 9 abrasive bricks.
The slab profile is sensed by means of an electronic system with photocells.
The control system through Personal Computer with user interface operating in a Windows environment is extremely clear, immediate and user-friendly thanks to the "touch screen" technology.
Furthermore, the Personal Computer makes it possible to gather and organize a series of statistical data relating to both the production and the machine performance.
One of the reasons for the Levibreton KFG 4600 very high productivity is that the machine derives from the project of the world-famous Levibreton KG polisher for granite; the proof is the same heavy-duty structure, suitably dimensioned to process granite.

Honing-polishing units

The new design of the aluminiumalloy honing-polishing units allows their weight to be reduced and their stiffness to be increased. The spindle raising-lowering system is perfectly balanced and features two pistons with protected internal rods.

The heads are raised and lowered in fractions of a second, with minimal lifting from the surface of the slab, thus enabling the slab edges to be polished better and operating speed to be increased.
The power input is shown on the digital display above each honing unit, thus enabling the operator to easily adjust the working pressure, if needed.


One of the key advantages to the Levibreton are them significant energy preservation. Energy is conserved by two functional abilities of the machine:


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