A 60 years-old business story and an ambitious project by Renzo Piano realized with the Maltese Stone

30 January, 2015

The Maltese company Halmann Vella is famous all over the world for working with marble, granite and Maltese stone. Throughout the years there were numerous prestigious installations including overseas projects such as the London Underground and City Hall. 

This company is the leader in the stone industry in Malta and is currently focusing on the finishing touches to a project in which "archistar" Renzo Piano has been given the responsibility to re-establish the urban planning and architectural layout of the Valletta City Gate providing a deserved entrance to the city, a Unesco heritage site.
The project includes the new parliament building, restoration of the adjacent Opera House, and a new city gate. Local hardstone has been used so the new City Gate blends in the bastion walls and the surroundings. 
The stone provided by Halmann Vella for the parliament facade is being used in an innovative way providing energy-saving technologies using brise-soleil elements set at an angle to intercept the sun’s rays.
Halmann Vella was able to do it by modernizing its workshops installing some of the latest automatic stoneworking machines supplied by Breton
These include: a Levibreton KFT 3600 marble slab polishing line, a Smartcut 550 Optima automatic cutting machine, Combicut DJ/NC waterjet/diamond disc combined cutting machine and a NC Quartz contour-shaping machine.
We're proud to have been part of this prestigious project, collaborating with one of the most renowned architects in the world” says Hugh Vella of Halmann Vella
It's truly an honour to work with Renzo Piano. Thanks to the latest technology offered by our Breton machines, we've been able to meet his strictest requirements.
"Renzo Piano is well known for the emphasis he puts on research and experimenting with materials and with the Valletta City Gate these characteristics were carved into natural stone, Maltese stone; the same stone we work every day.” 


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