Manuals become smart and greener with Breton DOCMOBILE

3 December, 2018
Have you ever thought about the time you waste looking and reading manuals? We have created the perfect time-saving solution.

DOC MOBILE is an innovative software product that can replace printed documentation with digital manuals.
- Accessibility
All documentation is easily and rapidly accessible on all commonly used devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs), in line with modern
- Speed
Uses the best technologies to view and manage PDF files.
- Document indexing
It can search text or a string of at least four characters throughout the whole documentation.
- Multimedia
It allows using multimedia content. The user may add notes and bookmarks as well as insert and share specific maintenance video
tutorials for operators and maintenance technicians. Tag integration (Qrcode and iBeacon).
- Offline
It can show documents even when no Wi-Fi network is available.
- Multiuser
The same documentation may be simultaneously accessed by multiple users.
- Update
The available documentation is always the latest version and the update process is automatic.
- Safety
All content is encrypted.
- Green application
Using SMART DOC MOBILE will make us all smarter and greener (cleaner environment by no longer using paper, printers, toner,
delivery couriers...)


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