HURACAN is the innovative cutting line with pre-cutting and chamfering features for special materials

23 April, 2019
The market is continuously flooded with new materials that widen end consumer options; but exploiting the possibilities they offer also requires new production technologies and/or strategies to machine them efficiently and create different and more sophisticated flooring, furniture and covering.
New materials typically stand out for features such as bigger sizes and reduced thicknesses, but also higher hardness, which often comes with brittleness.
With the input from Stratos, an important company based in Sassuolo taking care of superficial finish and cut-to-length operations with large ceramic slabs, Breton developed HURACAN, a new automatic cutting and chamfering line.
The machine is equipped with optical systems that read the perimeter and the surface defects of the slabs to be cut, and with a sophisticated and effective software that optimizes the cutting layout to minimize waste.
Cutting optimization is enabled by a set of lifting suction cups that move the workpieces to the machine table to perform the programmed cutting pattern.
The Huracan machine is offered in several versions:
  • from 3 to 7 cutting spindles;
  • may be mounted on steel columns or on concrete basement;
  • may be equipped with automatic tool diameter control;
  • may be equipped with pre-machined slab aligners to ensure their square positioning.
Pre-machined slabs are, for example, perimetertrimmed ceramic slabs (on which a few centimeters have been removed from the perimeter all around the slab to relieve internal stresses from the material) stored while waiting for subsequent final machining with optimization cycle or else.

One of the most advanced new solutions, also available on request, is the option to carry out chamfering on the sharp workpiece edge while still in the machine.
Special chamfering spindles are used mounted in front of the cutting spindle, which carry out a slight chamfer before the final cut with the main rear spindle.
There two alternative solutions:
  • a low-torque chamfering spindle that carries out chamfering on low thicknesses;
  • a high-torque chamfering spindle that carries out a slight chamfering and also a deep pre-cut down to the material core.
>>> Beam, spindles and rotary table are power-driven by brushless high-speed, high-inertia and high-acceleration motors. The rotary table can rotate by 90° in a mere 5 seconds.


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