Everything is easier with the Resindrone

29 October, 2018
Nikolaus Bagnara, a Rivoli Veronese-based leading Italian company in the stone industry, now uses a new and very modern Breton resin-treatment system for granite and marble slabs.
The RESINDRONE, a multi-axes automatic robot entirely produced by Breton, was included in the system to automate resin spreading and distribution. It stands out for mechanical ease and user-friendly software programming, which allows the operator to change working parameters and cycles with no help from specialized engineers.
The precision of the resin batching system and of the working trajectories and pressures of the resin application rollers avoids resin spillages on the slab edges and minimizes resin usage.
The Resindrone reduces to a minimum or eliminates the need for interventions by the operator and is environmentally friendly, thanks to its effective chemical fume suction ducts on the working plane and its automatic cleaning and spreading roller replacement cycles.
Installing the Resindrone downline the automatic mesh unwinder creates a wholly automatic mesh and resin treatment cell, where the operator’s intervention is limited to supervision and finishing, only when materials are highly defective.
The Resindrone can be easily installed also on existing resin treatment lines.


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