A Robot for Robocup

11 December, 2018
The Contourbreton NC 300 Robocup has been for some time now the unavoidable choice for those who want to automatize the layout of pods on the work table, minimizing human intervention.
The spindle automatically takes the pods from the magazine to accurately place them on the work table in the software-defined position.
The vacuum that fixes the pod on the work table is activated by a dual-effect valve; the same valve then activates the vacuum that fixes the workpiece to the individual pod.
It is now possible to further improve performance and cycle times for the Contourbreton NC 300 Robocup by equipping it with a workpiece manipulation anthropomorphic robot with vacuum end-of-arm tooling.
The robotized application was created by Breton with Optidrive, a company specialized in Kuka anthropomorphic robot software and integration.
This robotized application allows to automatically position even large workpieces (up to 3.400x1.600 mm) on the pods, taking them from the feeding roller conveyor in a mere 34 seconds.
When the job is finished, the robot places the machined slab on the unloading roller conveyor, while discharging chips and automatically washing the work table.


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