SmartFlex +TopJet = maximum energy

16 December, 2018
Smartflex Breton and Topjet Waterjet: a winning synergy to increase the productivity for kitchen worktops with rough holes.
The innovation lies in the perfect synergy between the Breton Smartflex cutting center, the Bellani for Breton edge-polisher and the new Topjet specifically developed by Waterjet Corporation for this purpose.
How does it work?
The workflow includes three steps, as follows:
1) The elements that will compose the kitchen are cut from the slab and the holes for the sink and the hob are roughed with the Breton Smartflex cutting line, which uses 3 cutting spindles simultaneously and the pick-up unit with suction cups for optimization;
2) Edges are polished using the Bellani for Breton edge-polisher
3) Sink and hob holes are completed while removing the waste material using Waterjet’s Topjet, which finishes the corners of the pre-cuts carried out by the Smartflex disks using a cutting water jet, while a Cartesian device equipped with vacuum cup removes the waste material.
The finished workpiece moves on the line to the subsequent finishing steps.


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