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22 November, 2016
The history of Margraf - formerly Industria Marmi Vicentini - started in 1906 in Chiampo, a town in the Province of Vicenza.
Right from the start the company focused on research and technological innovation and, in particular, on the close cooperation with renowned international architects.
Today, after more than 100 years, Margraf rightly joins the world leaders of the stone sector. 
Masterly quarrying marble blocks from their own deposits to cut them into polished slabs or tiles and offering a wide range of highly valued material and top-of-the-range products for the construction industry and architecture (from interior to external cladding, up to furnishing complements for bathrooms and  kitchens), are just some of the features that made Margraf a well-known and highly appreciated company worldwide.
However, all this did not prevent Margraf from staying focused on the respect for the environment, on the contrary the company invested in many facilities which reduce any environmental damage: most innovative technologies, projects for landscape recovery, strong investments in energy saving and renewable  resources.

Past and present merge perfectly in Margraf, a leading company rushing into the future with enthusiasm.

This year, Margraf purchased a Contourbreton NC 300 DUAL equipped with a double work bench.
Key success factors of Contourbreton NC 300 DUAL
  • thanks to the double work bench and the automatic powered doors, workpieces can be loaded/unloaded without affecting machine productivity rates
  • spindle vertical travel of 300mm, with a distance of 520mm between spindle nose and work bench, to enable dish-out machining on small blocks
  • the support structure of the machine is a robust welded, normalised steel single-piece chassis which ensures the rigidity required to consistently obtain the desired precision at all times, even during heavy machining stress
  • two 17+17-cell “in line” tool magazine, well protected against splashes 
  • top quality electronic and mechanical components
  • excellent after-sales service both in terms of repairs and response time
  • thanks to its flexibility in changing type of machining, the machine productivity is excellent even when non-standard workpieces are to be produced.


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