Ferrari 250 GTO carved from marble rocks with Shapemill by Lapicida

14 February, 2014
The Ferrari 250 GTO ranks as maybe the most valuable manufacturing auto ever manufactured. In just the past two years, units of the ultimate ’60s sports vehicle have sold for $ 32 million, $ 35 million and possibly as substantial as $ 52 million. With just 39 of them ever assembled, these Ferrari owners are amid a rarefied class of an presently prime-tier class of car collectors.
So once you gather the ultimate vehicle, then what do you do? How about get a scale model of it hewn from a single block of Arabescato marble by stone professional Lapicida
Interestingly, no sculptor designed a leathery callouses on his or her hands in excess of the hundreds of guy hours absolutely required to develop this work of art, nor had been dozens of hand resources worn to the nub in the pursuit of this homage to Italian performance. 
To create the 1:3.6 replica of a 1962/1963 GTO, Lapicida merely laser-scanned an real GTO and fine-tuned the resulting information in 3D modeling computer software. Then, the file was sent to a personal computer-controlled, five-axis mill machine Shapemill 1600 to form the marble, which was selected because the veining gave the illusion of pace. Finally, it was hand-completed to make confident the details had been as crisp as feasible.
The completed model measures 47.two-inches lengthy, wide and 13.four-inches tall and retails for a tidy £30,000 – over $ 49,000 USD.
Remarkable although it might be, it would seem tough to think about investing that type of money on a automobile that you cannot sit in or drive down the road. Then yet again, if you can afford to personal a genuine Ferrari 250 GTO, it’s barely pocket change.
Lapicida also takes commissions, so if you want a marble model of your car, they are happy to do it. Then yet again, if you just want your foyer retiled or your personal chef’s is demanding an upgraded kitchen, they will do that, too.


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