The company FOX MARBLE chooses CONTOURBRETON NC 300 for its workpieces

27 December, 2018
Since 1986, Fox Marble continues to bring an unprecedented level of expertise, craftsmanship, and professionalism to their customers, while being held in high regard for their stone care and restoration services throughout Northern California.
Fox Marble carries an extensive collection of high-end surface materials to choose from with an unmatched turnkey program that includes fabrication, install, and restoration. Because of their thoughtful customer service and artisanship, designer, architects and homeowners have turned to Fox Marble to ensure their visions are finely crafted and brought to life.
Fox Marble exceeds expectation by managing their end-to-end services with the most accurate and innovative fabrication technology. The advanced approach to their manufacturing arm requires precision to ensure their reputation within the industry. To maintain this high degree of excellence they have invested in Breton’s stone processing equipment.
Last October Fox Marble elevated its facility’s process with a Contourbreton NC 300 K26 a 4-axis CNC machining center for shaping, contouring and cutting natural stone pieces to create kitchen countertops, vanity tops, bathroom countertops, table. This machine is equipped with Robocup system and Breton SmartCam Mill software. This automated system allows for accuracy when drawing and programming complex stone workpieces for shaping. In addition, it runs cleanly by using an automatic pressure washing system for the work table, maintaining efficiency and meeting Fox Marble’s environmental standards.
Other Breton machines included in the Fox Marble equipment inventory are:
Fox Marble exceeds where some companies fail due to their strong attention to detail, which Breton automated equipment and software provides. For more information on Fox Marble’s experience using this highly innovative technology, please visit them at or visit Breton’s website at


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