28 September, 2018
The History of white Carrara Marble is Furrer SpA's one. Furrer was established in 1939 to operate in the stone industry from the quarrying up to the finished trasformed product and the trading all over the world, creating engineered works with unique aesthetic charm.

FURRER is a market leader in the supply of rough, semi-finished and finished stone materials for construction and architecture.
Marble processing is so complex and experience makes the difference. Furrer realizes high qualified, complexed, refined and accurate works thanks to its long tradition and expertise in marble processing.

The result is a consistent quality finish on the whole slab surface, both for polishing and honing.

Luxmaster Tango is a planned and profitable investment to look forward to the future!
When it comes to polishing marble slabs, the first thing that comes to mind is a Breton polishing machine, the market benchmark since continuous belt polishing machines exist.
With the Luxmaster Tango, Breton moves the benchmark a step further.
Luxmaster Tango radically solves the polishing shade problem along the edges of the slabs, thanks to the clever spindle assembly oscillating system, whose swinging motion, interpolated with that of the beam, follows curved work paths that may be configured as desired depending on the material to be machined.
Luxmaster Tango, the innovative solution that comes with the renowned qualityof Breton products and with their unmatched after-sales service anywhere in the world - also thanks to the sister companies Breton India, Breton USA, Breton China, Breton Australia, Breton Brasile, Breton UK, and to the many authorized service centers located in several countries.
Luxmaster Tango, swinging spindle movement, working thickness between 10mm and 110mm, beam speed up to 70 m/min, innovative 560 mm-diameter plates with 10 abrasives on slightly different diameters and vertical-reaction silent blocks and anti-rotational horizontal-reaction silent block.
The 18-spindle Luxmaster Tango was chosen by a Carrara-based world-leading company, “Furrer”, established in 1939 to quarry, process, transform and sell marble and create architectural works appreciated all over the world for their engineering and unique aesthetic charm.
Furrer owns some of the most important and world-renowned quarries in the Apuan basin: Cava Calocara (Statuario), Cava Boana (Arabescato Boana), Colubraia (Bianco Colubraia) and Campanili (Bianco Carrara), as well as the Cava di Verde Aver in the Val d’Aosta region.


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