Oscar Daffe chooses Fuego for its workpieces

13 April, 2015
Craftsmanship, efficiency and art describe perfectly the essence of Oscar Daffe
A Belgian enterprise with more than 85 years of experience during which has refined innovative stone processing techniques.
To admire kitchen tops and wall coating or stairs executed by Oscar Daffe, real architectural masterpieces, means to admire real works of Art. 
Created in 1929 in Wauthier-Braine, the Oscar Daffe Company has been run by the Brams family since 1982, who has managed to secure the business international consolidation through its passion and professionalism.
Importing extra blocks of marble and granite from all over the world, working masterly the belgian “pierre bleue”, the “marbrerie” Oscar Daffe has produced and often exported some of the most appreciated and valuable furniture accessories and fine interior architectural elements.
As a matter of fact, at Oscar Daffe the whole range of products is tailored according to the customer’s requests who selects the type of the stone and the size of the object.
This modern and accurate approach has attracted well-known designers and architects, professionals who have been able to express their creativity utilizing the high technological component of Oscar Daffe’s vast gamut of machines and the know-how of its technical staff in order to realize their exclusive projects.
The belgian Company has pointed straight at the new Fuego Multi-axis, a shaping machine with 10 interpolated axes, a genuine and proper desired object for many marble masons which has already been chosen by other first-rate companies, such as Savema (in Carrara) and Kienesberger (in Austria).
A purchase which was suggested by Oscar Daffe’s necessity to execute more and more complexes architectural shapes and which has identified in the Fuego the most appropriate answer to such requirements. 
The Fuego Multi-axis is characterized by the large sizes of pieces is able to produce and by the modern adopted technical solutions, some of them have been even patented.
An «easy and performing» machine; these are the characteristics of the Fuego and this is the reason why it is longed for at Wauthier-Braine. Breton has inserted in this multi-axis machine all its technology developed during 30 years of experience on numerically controlled machines: transferring a trolley on each column and positioning two pulleys with diameter of 1.000 mm even solved the ancestral problem of the wire inclination which forced the structure to be placed under the ground level.
No more bothering “tanks” on the column sides
Thanks to this system designed by BretonFuego works blocks with max height of 1.800 mm with the wire inclined of +/- 20*, while in the event of a parallel wire the distance between the block-holding trolley base and the diamond wire is 2.200 mm.
Have you ever imagined that design could originate from “Fuego”?


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