Bao Lai chooses Breton for its marble machining requirements

30 July, 2018
Bao Lai Investment JSC.
Bao Lai Investment JSC. (Bao Lai) is established in 2010 focusing on mining and processing of Vietnam white marble to meet the demands of construction materials like ornamental and artistic white marble, the company provides services domestically as well as internationally.

The company's customers are located all over the world: America, Europe, India, China, and the Middle East. Bao Lai aims to become one of Vietnam's leading manufacturers specialized in processing of white marble within the Vietnam territory, the company has been developing nine mines in Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province and two processing factories, also in Yen Bai province.
The complete Breton plant
To better meet the needs of its customers, Bao Lai has invested in the most advanced and innovative technology available on the market by purchasing a complete Breton marble processing plant.
The complete Breton plant comprises:

In the production cycle, the marble blocks are cut by 6 BM for Breton gang saws and the resulting slabs are forwarded to one of the following three production processes:
  • polishing only;
  • resin treating and polishing;
  • honing, filler application and polishing.
Finally, HD photos are taken of the slabs and saved in the company's digital archive.
These slabs are ideal for applications in high profile projects that call for impeccable quality of the machined surface.
The slabs are initially sawn in the fabshop on a Worthy bridge saw and then on a Waterjet Classica for curved cuts, the edges are then finished on a Comet edge polishing machine; finally, they are transformed into kitchen tops and other finished components on the Contourbreton NC300 K26.
The Contourfive NC1200/HD 5-interpolated axis machining centre and the Fuego Multiaxis shaping machine are used to process large size components and parts with complex shapes made from single marble blocks.


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