Genya, the reloaded CNC monobloc bridge saw

9 January, 2019
The GENYA is a top-of-the-line monoblock milling machine thanks to its intuitive design, quality components and high operational performance.
GENYA is a 5-axis monobloc cutting and milling center with a rotating head and a suction cup system for moving pieces and optimizing the working area.
Ideal for slabs of natural stone, quartz and ceramic.
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  • No foundations are required, as its simply fixed to the ground and comes ready for immediate production
  • Single-piece structure in galvanized steel, occupying minimal space in relation to axis travels.
  • Front doors to CE standards, with manual opening with large transparent doors, in thermoformed ABS with sound absorbent foam, internally reinforced by a steel structure.
  • Integrated camera facilitates 1 click capture imaging of the entire slab.

  • "Energy Management" system reabsorbs the energy recovered during braking into the grid or makes it available to another engine during acceleration.
  • Cutting head rotates around its ± 190° vertical axis driven by a digital brushless motor, and automatically tilts in every position from 0° to 90°
  • Continuous laser trace for cutting alignment
  • 13 kW spindle motor is controlled by inverter, with a working range between 1000 and 5000 rpm, with paralleled efficiency of different  diameter blades, tool bits and finger bits.
  • Option to mount on tool spindle with a 1/2" gas connection (b) or finger bit tool.
  • Suction cup gripping system, positioned behind the rotating head, keeping the finger bit core mounted on the spindle.
  • Beam moved by a gantry rack-and-pinion system, driven by a digital brushless motor, creating quick and precise movements
  • Cast iron spindle carriage driven by a digital brushless motor.
  • Vertical movements of the spindle carriage propelled on a ball recirculation guide system, driven by a digital brushless motor
  • Tilting workbench in galvanized steel with a top covered in multilayer wood, rigidly fixed to the side shoulders. 
  • Electronic probe for checking the blade diameter.
  • Slab thickness probe automatically corrects cutting dimensions for the perfect 45° miter.
  • Manually centralized lubrication system for moving parts with 3 convenient greasing points.
Programming and management unit
GENYA has a powerful and generous "CNC power unit" - the famous Siemens 840SL.
The control console can be positioned in the most convenient way for the operator and is equipped with a 15 “color touch screen, complete with joystick for intuitively moving the various work axes.
A mobile push-button panel facilitates the operations that must be carried out near the piece.
The user-friendly software works in Windows environment, allowing the importation of DXF files and structured DXFs containing technological information on the cuts, and giving the possibility to operate on two different levels:
• “Easy” level
• “Advanced” level
“Easy” level
Facilitates fast and easy operations with just a few taps of your finger on the multitouch screen, allowing simple cutting operations, including the importation of parts to be made in DXF format.
Manual nesting
With the “manual nesting” function, the operator can build the cutting diagram by simply dragging the polygons on the touch screen. The advanced software highlights in advance any collisions between slabs and the trajectories/blade outputs to be corrected.
The “magnet” function helps the operator to align the polygons next to each other, reducing cuts and increasing efficiency.
Intelligent management of the blade, the core bit and finger bit
The CAM automatically manages the use of the various tools available, whether blade, core or finger bit, associating the most appropriate operations to each one.
Everything for the operator
Many functions are available that allow you to modify the settings selected automatically, such as extending cuts, changing the direction, excluding them, changing their execution sequence, inserting pauses for removing scraps, activating re-framing and defining recoveries.
Context-sensitive help is always available for the operator, illustrating the operation of each command with clear images and video
"Advanced Level"
In addition to all the functions present in the “EASY” mode, by accessing the multitouch screen at the “Advanced” level, the operator can:
  • load the production orders/parts to be implemented into the system.
  • define ‘to run’ orders with flexible formats that can vary in a wide range to obtain maximum surface area from the work piece.
  • highlight and then by sketching the slab’s defects on the screen.
  • automatically nesting pieces on the slab surface, with the ability to modify it as desired
  • use a real multitouch CAD that allows you to draw complex shapes.
  • make shaping of solid blocks with blades (requires the “Breton Smartcut profiles” software accessory).
Advanced automatic nesting
This system optimizes slab surfaces, automatically and rapidly positioning slabs, while considering the pre-highlighted defects and work orders loaded into the system.
It is possible to arrange the pieces following the grain of the material.
The system’s different solutions indicates slab percentages, overall and subdivided by work order, giving the operator the ability to choose the best solution and modify the proposed cutting scheme with the “manual nesting” option.
Structured DXFs
There are several ways to import shapes from DXF format.
From the simplest mode that recognizes the shapes drawn, to the most complete and totally configurable patterns, both let you read all the necessary associated information, including materials, thicknesses, quantities, inclined cuts, reinforcements, bushings, engravings, etc.
Then the machine’s operator will find the pieces already defined in the smallest details, reducing the possibility of error.
Drawing of polygons, arcs, ellipsis circles, chamfers, extensions, trimmings, offset all in multi-touch mode.
Saving recurring forms (templates) and parametric forms.
VEIN MATCHING - The infinite vein

Breton Vein Matching software enables planning slab cutting operations by coupling different slabs together, matching their veins.
Capable of managing 8 slabs simultaneously, starting from a 2D drawing in DXF format, into a 3D image of the project.
This lets operators visualize the product before the final aesthetic result is combined with all the pieces, while evaluating the effect of “continuous grain”. It works simultaneously with different materials and thicknesses to prepare alternative solutions for the same project, in order to compare them before executing the work.
Breton SMARTCUT Profiles for the generation of simple profiles on billets

This software expansion makes it possible to execute block shaping with a “comb effect” working, vertical or horizontal, with a diamond blade.
The shape of the profile is defined in the machine using CAD. The shape of the solid piece to be shaped and the machining are displayed on the machine’s monitor.
Composite top in plastic material to replace the wooden top
The galvanized steel tilting workbench, is equipped (optional) with a plastic work surface with a thick rubber coating, ideal for processing delicate materials such as ceramic slabs.
Additional electro spindle

Additional 3,7kW/14000 rpm vertical axis spindle specific to a finger bit tool, fixed laterally to the spindle carriage.
Manual slab code detector

When a plate equipped with a barcode label is loaded on the Genya bench, if the cutting program has already been defined, by executing the manual reading of the barcode the cutting program is automatically recalled on the Genya software, which it will then automatically run after the orientation and position of the slab is finalized.
Barcode Identification System

Barcode label printer is managed by the Genya’s production control software. The labels are applied shown in the cut diagram on the Genya control and command touch screen. The labels will report the provided information and those related to the customer order that will allow the identification of the pieces along the entire subsequent production process. When using the XpressTop software, the labels also provide information on the subsequent processes to which the various cut pieces must undergo.
A distinguish service that makes the difference

Breton conducts an active hotline service performed by highly specialized technicians.
Through a specific software it is possible to run remotely supervising operation and diagnosis, no less proper technical interventions, connecting remotely with the customer’s machine also without the operator presence, entirely secure and transparent.
These remote services allow to assist your machine “on line” and in real time promptly solving almost any eventual issue, granting fast fixes and enormous savings.

XPRESS TOP co-engineered with DIETRICH Software
Smart software suite for Kitchen floor manufacturers

Breton XpressTop is the single most advanced management software designed specifically around improving the kitchen top production cycle.
XpressTop increases your productivity, while reducing costs to give your fabshop the competitive edge it needs.
This intuitive solution is defined by a modular approach, leading you through each stage of production: from sales, to design, passing through inventory all the way through delivery. Each module seamlessly integrating and communicating with the next, increasing efficiency at every stage of production.

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Cutting patterns
Distance between spindle axis and workbench
Distance between spindle nose and workbench
Max. workable thickness with ø 23.6” saw blade
Max. workable thickness with ø 13.8” saw blade
Max. workable thickness at 45° with ø 600mm saw blade and max. tool length of 60mm
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