Breton SKYNET, the production line supervisor

29 November, 2018
It is a hardware and software system specifically developed for processing lines consisting of multiple machines and equipment.

The system is Industry 4.0-compliant.
Breton SKYNET will allow you to:
- view the main data of the currently running production process by means of an in-line synoptic graph;
- gather and view the main statistical data of the production process, tracing also the process data changes carried by the individual operator;
- automatically adjust the variable machining parameters of the line, also remotely, based on the process materials input by the operator;
- view the production schedule defined by the Manufacturing execution System (MES) or by the operator;
- trace and view the machining runs carried out on each individual product unit processed by the line.
Breton SKYNET is equipped with a console and display placed close to the line.
All data and information from the Breton SKYNET are available on any type of enabled device (desktop pc, tablet, smartphone) connected to the company network.

After specific customizations, Breton SKYNET may exchange information with production management enterprise IT systems (MES, ERP, SAP,...)
Operator training on how to use the Breton SKYNET is carried out by means of dedicated video tutorials on the Web.


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