CERESER chooses Breton for granite polishing

30 September, 2019
CERESER MARMI SPA has been in business for over fifty years in the marble, granite and natural stone industry.
Being one of the most important stone working companies on the international market, it has always combined industrial production logics with the humane aspect of customer relationships.
CERESER MARMI has its headquarter in Rivoli Veronese, 34 km far from Verona.
Founded in 1965 by Gian Luigi Cereser in Domegliara, a town near Verona, and now led by his son Domenico, CERESER MARMI, specialized in marble products and stone works.
During the ‘80s the company expanded its production, going from the sole manufacturing of granite finished products, to the sale of granite and marble slabs.
CERESER regularly invests in the most advanced technologies and production processes to supply natural stone that represents a market excellence in terms of quality, workmanship and customization.
In June 2019 their last investment was put in operation: the new Breton polishing line LUXMASTER KG TANGO, whose oscillating spindles allow obtaining an unparalleled slab polishing degree!
Luxmaster granite polishing lines are the soundest investment for companies requiring high productivity, top quality and operational ease, while maintaining budget-friendly operating and maintenance costs.
Breton was the first company to develop machines for the continuous polishing of granite slabs, bringing about a radical change in the industry.
Today, thanks to the company’s matchless and long-term experience, factors such as automation, productivity, no-compromise quality, low operating costs and ease of use and maintenance have become the norm for Breton, that skillfully implemented them in Luxmaster.
Luxmaster Tango radically solves the polishing shade problem along the edges of the slabs, thanks to the clever spindle oscillating system, whose swinging motion, interpolated with that of the beam, follows curved work paths that may be configured as desired depending on the material to be processed.
The result is a consistent quality finish on the whole slab surface, for both polishing and honing.

Luxmaster KG Tango is a planned and profitable investment to look forward to the future!


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