Marbres&Design chooses Combicut for its workpieces

25 August, 2015
Below the highest peak of Europe, Mont Blanc, lies Saint Felix, a town belonging to the French region Rhône-Alpes where one of the most cutting-edge French stone-working companies is located.

Marbres&Design core business is the production of marble, granite, slate and engineered stone for interiors. Aiming specifically to improve its performance, some months ago, the transalpine enterprise integrated its machines with Combicut, the bridge-saw which combines diamond disc and Waterjet cutting.
The group’s gem is its kitchen worktop production range. The main aim of Marbres&Design was to speed-up production and save in wasted material to be able to provide its customers with more and more complex finishes, processing a same granite slab, Dekton or Silestone, with inclined and angled cuts. 
Kitchen manufacturers are always on the lookout for excellent tops, in terms of style and function, which must be very appealing but also very resistant, so it is not so simple for marble masons to satisfy their needs. The designs become more and more sophisticated, with rounded and squared shapes that cannot be cut with conventional mills. This is why a combined cutting station is a must.
We were looking for a multipurpose machine and we certainly found it” said the owner of the company, Benoit Fleury together with Christophe Rubin. “We are satisfied because Breton’s Combicut has really speeded up our production, also thanks to the worktop change-over accessory” Mr. Rubin confirmed. “The cutting quality is always the same, whether we are processing marble or granite. We are also processing porcelain, ceramic and quartz slabs more and more often”. 
The cutting unit of the Combicut (cutting spindle with disc and Waterjet head) turns around its A axis by ±190° (4th axis): the advantages for its owners are many and precision and cutting speed benefit too.
As Christophe Rubin explained, Marbres&Design has configured its Combicut with the innovative automatic worktop change-over system. While the machine is cutting one slab, another slab ready for cutting can be prepared outside the machine, by programming the cutting pattern exactly.
Once one worktop has been cut, it automatically changes-over the slabs to be processed, thus guaranteeing increased production rates.


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