Tecnema Breton: automatic samples production line

5 March, 2020

The resulting line features very high output, with production of up to 340 samples/hour with finished dimensions of 150x75mm, 300x300mm, and 300x200mm, and thickness from 7,5mm to 30mm.

The samples are always of calibrated thickness, have polished edges and chamfers, and offer exceptional tactile and visual appeal, making them ideal to allow consumers and architects alike to appreciate the quality of the various materials.

The line allows changeover between different materials without downtimes, with a succession of small batches, and production planning and tracking throughout the entire process in compliance with Industry 4.0 logic, identifying each sample with a code, label, and a photographic record of the source slab.

The line described above is a high capacity plant, but Tecnema Breton lines can be configured in a variety of ways in accordance with the required level of automation, sample sizes and output.

Tecnema Breton lines can also produce small-sized samples: 60x100mm, 100x100mm and 130x250mm, with thickness from 4,5mm to 20mm. 
Production normally starts from strips or tiles of polished material, which are split in the thickness dimension. 

The underside is then calibrated to ensure that the samples are consistently of the same thickness. 

The material is then cut to size in squares or rectangles, edge-chamfered and edge-polished, if required.

The system is completed by washing, drying and, on request, automatic handling at outfeed.
Tecnema Breton lines are easy to manage and make it possible to organise samples production as a continuous process and with small consecutive batches of different materials.

It can be easily shown, with facts and figures to hand, that the production of samples on automatic lines makes it possible to establish and maintain quality standards through time while benefiting from savings in terms of labour and logistics, so each sample costs far less than with alternative outsourcing solutions. 

Clearly, the system can also offer further significant economies by allowing the use of non-premium grade slabs as the source material for samples.


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