KAISER & CO NATURSTEIN GmbH renews its trust in Waterjet Co.

7 February, 2020
Kaiser & Co. Naturstein GmbH, since 1926 active in the processing of natural stones and ceramics, now led by the fourth generation, continues to be synonymous with high quality and reliability.
To guarantee these standards, the company makes use of the best technologies available on the market, including water jet cutting.
The new equipment of the second machinery was set up after a first sale dating back to 2014: fully satisfied with the performance provided by the first machine, the customer decided to purchase a second one with higher technological standards. 

A Classica 612 model, with 4000x2000 worktop, equipped with a 50 horsepower intensifier pump. The machine has an X3 Evolution 3D cutting system with 5
interpolating axes with ±300° rotation for inclined cutting at ±69°.
In agreement with the Breton partner, who collaborates with Waterjet on the stone channel, Waterjet Corporation proposed the machine with optional digital camera fitted with a software that enables to automatically upload images or shapes ready to be used in the CAD system to customize the nesting and easily create cutting programs in just a few clicks.

The software automatically calculates the path of the water jet, following the  adjacent parts.

The camera is also used to detect any stains and deformities on the marble or granite slabs: these, in fact, can be easily identified since reproducing the image of the slab from above results in a full and zoomable view, so that the  operator may more effectively perform his inspection.
The “Slab” option of the software enables the real view of the cut piece, even if the piece is moved on the sheet to search for the best quality of the material.

Kaiser stands out on the market thanks to the precision of its applications in natural stone and ceramic material: the particular and innovative pre-probing system is inserted in this furrow, with which the machine was equipped, which safeguards the precision of the machined pieces. 

This technology, thanks to a probe mounted on the cutting head, which mechanically detects the deviation of the thickness of the ceramic slab, automatically corrects the cutting trajectories based on the shape of the slab surface which, especially in case of non-flat or even rough ceramic slabs - as sometimes occurs with thinner materials - often does not result even.
The system continuously detects the actual height of the slab and automatically corrects the cutting trajectories, always obtaining dimensionally perfect spandrels, which will require minimum adjustments during the gluing stage: the result of the cut is, in fact, practically perfect.

This way, a finishing operation will not be required to assemble two plates following the inclined cut of the profile.    


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