CAD/CAM software manages and controls all different phases linked with the project of kitchen and vanity tops

Breton FABCAM is composed of the following modules:

Module for the management of raw materials   

It consists of a specific hardware and software for taking, processing and filing digital photos of natural and compound stone slabs, and printing labels with the bar code.    

This module allows:

• to know the exact position of each single slab and trace its different movements
• to know all significant information of each single slab, such as material, thickness, square metres, etc.
• to control and manage the whole raw material warehouse, knowing at any time the exact quantity, which is classified according to material and thickness.

Project module   

It consists of a specific software which allows to completely draw the piece to be realized, starting directly from the template or using the integrated CAD module. In this phase, libraries of objects (freely managed by the user) are available to simplify the project and make it faster. It is possible to link different materials and thickness (which can be selected from a library that can also be enriched with pictures) to each single piece. In the same environment, it is possible to set the various operations to be executed on the edge as well as possible laminations required to get the desired aesthetic effect.

Module for the management of production    

It consists of a specific software enabling:

• to select the stored slabs which fit better the realization of the piece to be machined
• to arrange the single pieces to be produced on the slabs in the warehouse, checking thoroughly any possible collision with the cutting tools; while pieces move on the slab, it is possible to display the real "rendering" of the final project, giving special attention to the material veins and single particulars, such as edge machining, rabbeted slots, backsplash, etc.
• to generate automatically the CNC machine working programs starting from the unfinished cut piece, including all the information required to lead the operator's work
• to define the type and position of the suction cups, referred to the single pieces
• to send the working programs to the machine that will perform them automatically after having recognized the slab to be machined by reading the bar code.


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