Breton Sentinel

The machine data collection and monitoring solution

Breton Sentinel for Productivity

  • Real-time automatic collection and processing of production data
  • Creation of charts and reports
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) automatic calculation
  • Recording of production cycle times, inactivity times and maintenance times
  • Real-time monitoring of the machine through dynamic displays
  • Customizable operator interface
  • Data backup on the main server (optional)
  • Always-on data access with devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • Warning signals and push emails in case of malfunctions or values below/above a given threshold
  • Human-machine interconnection with Twitter-like social platforms

Real-time production data monitoring and analysis

  • Production data display, such as working hours, produced workpieces, tool operational time and power consumption; moreover, everything can be detailed by shift, job order or material
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) calculation
  • Visual alarms on machine health
  • Real-time man/machine interconnection via social platforms such as Twitter

Spindle monitoring and tool operational time

  • Spindle operation real-time display
  • Actual work data comparison with the theoretical usage curve
  • Spindle overload visual alarms
  • Spindle expected life extrapolation

Ordinary maintenance

  • Management of the ordinary maintenance fully integrated to the actual functioning of the machine
  • Scheduling of maintenance operations with display of the interventions and materials required
  • Planning of maintenance operations according to a regular time basis and/or the occurring of specific conditions (e.g. when exceeding a given threshold)
  • Inclusion of customized contents relevant to the maintenance operations (photos, videos, control reports)
  • Backup, management, and display of the machine documentation (operating handbooks) provided by the manufacturer
  • Chronological tracking of the maintenance operations performed an consequent trend analysis and comparison
  • Recording of the user and time needed to carry out the maintenance


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