Breton Skynet

The production line supervisor

Breton Skynet is a hardware and software technology specifically designed for processing lines consisting of multiple machines and equipment. It was created to streamline the workload for managers and operators. The system is Industry 4.0-compliant.

The benefits of Breton Skynet technology in 5 points:
  1. Real-time process view from a single position.
  2. Global and complete overview on the production process status.
  3. Human error reduction thanks to the automatic management of machining processes.
  4. Availability of all information required for decision-making by line managers and operators in a single screen.
  5. User-friendly and intuitive software.
Its main features are:

Viewing the main data of the currently running production process by means of an in-line synoptic graph. Relevant information such as line and individual machine status are available at a glance.

Gathering and viewing the main statistical data of the production process, also tracing the process data changes carried out by the individual operator.

Tracing and viewing the machining runs carried out on each individual product unit processed by the line.

Automatically adjusting machining parameters based on:
  • Data receipt related to a job order;
  • Process information gathered during slab machining.

Viewing the production schedule defined by the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or by the operator.
The console with display placed near the line allows a global view on the process in its vicinity. 
Its technology allows viewing actionable data and information on any type of enabled device (desktop PC, tablet, smartphone and web app) connected to the company network.
It’s easy and intuitive to use: operators are trained by means of a dedicated Web-based video tutorial.

Skynet’s interface can exchange information with production management enterprise IT systems (MES, ERP, SAP, …). 
Data exchange between systems is customized by an expert team based on the specific needs of the company.


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