The cad/cam software for the production of countertops on contouring centers

The CAM module allows to carry out the following major functions:

• cutting with saw blade
• contouring, profiling, drilling, milling and pocketing with milling or profiling tools
• honing of surfaces, even inclined
• milling and polishing of grooves, even on inclined surfaces
• 3D engraving of Windows “True Type” fonts on flat horizontal or vertical surfaces
• automatic generation of toolpaths based on a pre-defined technological table
• fast editing of Lead In/Out toolpaths

The CAD module also allows:

• creation of two-dimensional drawings with relative dimensioning
• import of drawings in DXF and DWG format from different CAD program or templating systems
• automatic programming and display of the vacuum pods arrangement on the work table
• interface with the software of a possible laser projector for arranging the vacuum pods on the work table

The 3D SOLID SIMULATION module allows:

• to check any possible tool-piece and/or tool-machine collision.

The software operates in a Windows environment, is intuitive and user-friendly.
NOTE: The software features may be limited by the technological and operational features of the machine.


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