Breton SmartCam FRAME

Software CAD/CAM to draw and program shaping and cutting centres with up to 5 axis

The CAM module allows to carry out the following major functions on work planes with indexed rotary axes:

- cutting of slabs with saw blade
- profiling, rough-hewing, trimming and exterior/interior shaping of small blocks with saw blade
- shaping, profiling, hole drilling, milling and hollowing out with millers or shaped tools
- polishing of tops (even inclined tops)
- milling and polishing of grooves on tops (even inclined tops)
- 3D engraving of Windows "True Type" fonts on flat surfaces
- bas-reliefs imported from digitized surfaces

If paired with the "BretonLathe" optional module, the software also allows:

- to execute bas-reliefs on cylindrical columns, which are imported from digitized flat or cylindrical surfaces
- to 3D engrave Windows "True Type" fonts on flat and cylindrical surfaces
- to grind a twisted groove on columns generated by the revolution of a 2D profile and finish them, using a saw blade
The CAD module allows to carry out the following major functions:

- generation of 2D drawings with relevant dimensions
- determination of the 3D working volume of the piece
- determination of any working plane inside the generated 3D volume
- management of a 2D drawing created on the selected working plane, no matter how it is oriented in the space
- import of drawings in DXF and DWG format from external CAD or template detectors
- positioning of the pieces to be produced directly on the image of the slab, so as to utilize its surface to the full
- automatic programming and display of the vacuum cup arrangement on the worktable
- interface with the software of a possible laser projector for arranging the vacuum cups on the worktable
- interface with the software of a possible bas-relief digitizer
- generation of 3D models of the pieces
- import of surfaces and solid models in IGES, STL, STEP and 3DM format
- generation of surfaces and bas-reliefs from image processing
- generation of 2D drawings of vanity and kitchen tops, whose dimensions are set starting from a basic template
The 3D SOLID SIMULATION module allows:

- to check any possible tool-piece and/or tool-machine collision
- to assess the raw material remaining after the machining

The software operates in a Windows environment, is intuitive and user-friendly.

N.B. The software features may be limited by the technological and operational features of the machine.


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