Breton Spare Parts

Ordering spare parts has never been so easy and quick

The Breton Spare Parts platform is an E-commerce portal to search and order original spare parts for our machines. The service is freely available to all Breton clients and may be accessed through the SPARE PARTS button on the left upper corner of the menu bar on the website. 

The platform may be accessed from any device, even off-line! It could be defined as the Amazon of Breton spare parts, and like other e-commerce
sites, it allows:
  • finding what’s needed via intuitive and quick browsing; the machine drawings may be browsed in order to identify the spare part code;
  • checking in real time whether the required parts are available;
  • uploading a customized spare parts list; 
  • submitting an inquiry and a spare parts order; 
  • credit card payment.
Why should you submit order via Spare Parts?
  1. Because you can rapidly find the required spare parts by code or description.
  2. Because you can access the spare parts catalogue.
  3. Because the platform may also be consulted off-line, by downloading the spare parts catalogue to your device to use it even when you’re not connected.
  4. Because a multi-user mode is available to define roles and authorizations for multiple company operators, who will then be able to simultaneously search and order spare parts.


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