Breton Combi is the monoblock 5-axis combined saw blade&waterjet slab cutting center, able to perform a wide range of slab processing.

Ideal for processing slabs, even ultra-thin ones, Breton Combi ensures waste minimization, executing vertical, inclined rectilinear and/or curvilinear cuts thanks to the efficient use of the saw blade or the water jet system.


Main features

  • monoblock structure which requires no foundations and allows quick installation and machine start-up
  • smart intelligence in cutting process: Breton Touch, the onboard software, automatically suggests to the operator the better cutting schemes to optimize the surface usage
  • efficient combined (disk and waterjet) cutting technology equipped in the same spindle: waterjet cutting turns on only when it is expressly requested by the kind of the cut in order to minimize working time
  • Garnet flow sensor minimizes the potential for slab damage if the garnet flow is interrupted and stops the cutting process if a fault with the garnet flow is triggered

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  • Optima vacuum cups system on-board to the spindle to optimize the placement of the pieces during the cutting process
  • LABELPRO, the automatic labelling system on board of the spindle to automatize the tracking of slabs with barcode or QR code
  • Touch Wave, the hardware/software package suite, to realize perfect 45° cuts on non-flat slabs
  • Workbench equipped with a tilting system to allow easy, safe and quick slab loading for the operator
  • Fixed camera to take a photo of the whole slab with a single snapshot
  • Low ceiling package: in case of low ceiling height, the high-pressure lines travel inside the cable carrier to contain the overall dimensions and the digital imaging is equipped with a wide-angle lens

Discover more? Download the leaflet about Breton Combi >


Sloping board
Software dedicated to create a continuous inclined cut at a constantly variable, using the waterjet cutting function

Vein matching
The software that enables planning slab cutting operations by simultaneously coupling 8 different slabs together, matching their veins.

The most advanced modular solution aiming at managing the whole kitchentop production cycle


Technical features


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