Contourbreton DUAL

Contourbreton DUAL - Heavy duty double table CNC Stone Router

The Contourbreton DUAL works stone in the fastest, most precise and economical way today offered by the technology, thanks to its peculiar characteristics and extensive travel of the axes (X=137,8in, Y=88,6in, Z=11,8in). 

The support structure of the Contourbreton DUAL is a robust welded, normalised steel single-piece chassis which ensures the rigidity required to consistently obtain the desired precision at all times, even during heavy machining stress.
The Contourbreton DUAL is equipped with a double work bench in order to eliminate the downtime due to loading/ unloading and set-up operations.

This solution consists of a system with two mobile benches sliding on wheels. While one bench is positioned inside the machine during the work phase, the second bench, outside the machine and having easy access from all sides, can be loaded with the pieces to be worked in the subsequent cycle. The bench movement is motorised and actuated by simply pressing a button.


- Drives actuated by Siemens brushless motors
- Large and easily accessible work bench
- User-friendly cnc control unit

Wide range of accessories customizing the machine in order to meet the user requirements, including: 
- “Laser” projector of the piece and suction cup shapes


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