Contourbreton NC300

Contourbreton NC300 - Cnc stone router

The Contourbreton NC300 is a cnc stone router specifically engineered for precision and long term durability in stone fabrication shop conditions.

The 300 series consists of four models configured and able to be tailored to meet diverse applications always guaranteeing the maximum precision.

...Got even better

Contourbreton NC300, with its compact, ergonomic and appealing design, is an easy to program machining centre that was specifically developed to produce kitchen worktops, bathroom and vanity tops, tabletops etc., always offering maximum machining precision.

The 300mm travel allows Contourbreton NC300 to machine easily workpieces of robust thickness such as bathtubs, sinks, shower trays, fountains and many furnishing complements.
Contourbreton NC300 has a mobile beam structure and is equipped with manual opening sliding doors to ensure operator safety and soundproofing.
The large and easily accessible continuous worktop is made of aluminum. The static tool magazine can hold up to 15+15 tools (NC300 K19), 17+17 (NC300 K26) and 31+31 (NC300 K40).

Large and easily accessible work-table

The Contourbreton NC300 has useful working travels of 126" (NC300 K19) and 149.6" in “X” (NC300 K26 and K40), in “Y” the travels vary according to the model: 76.8" for NC300 K19, 90.5" for NC300 K26, and 157.5" for NC300 K40.

In all versions, its movable bridge design means ample freedom of access, even from above, for workpiece loading and unloading operations. A single footstep inside the enclosure, and sunken worktop provide ergonomic and unobstructed frontal access.

It excels also in the details

- The tool is cooled with water supplied from the inside and outside of the spindle.
- Spindle vertical travel of 10.2", having a distance of 18.89" from the spindle nose to the work table, making it also possible to do deep dish-out work on billets.
- The spindle is mounted on a very rigid cast iron structure to minimize flexion even under heavy drilling loads or when fully extended.
- Digital motors.
- Aluminum work table provided with grooves for mechanical fastening of vacuum pads, to insure that the work pieces are tightly locked in place even during heavy grinding operations (on request, the work table can be supplied without grooves, prearranged for double-effect vacuum pads).
- Vacuum system with frontal controls, convenient for the operator.
- “Rapid” displacements, up to 50 meters per minute.
- “In line” tool store, positioned on the two internal sides of the machine.
- HSK-B80 type tool holder to ensure rigidity and precision to the tool/spindle coupling.


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