Contourbreton NC 300 ROTARY

Contourbreton NC 300 ROTARY - double table machining centre

ContourBreton NC300 Dual, the enormously successful double table machining centre that has already been shipped to a large number of customers, has been further refined from the technical standpoint, resulting in the advent of the ROTARY version.

This rugged CNC router is perfect for the requirements of big enterprises that need to produce large series, but also for smaller firms keen to build their business and raise the evolutionary level of their production process.

Specifically designed to work natural stone, engineered stone and sintered materials, this machine can handle all the necessary machining processes without compromise in terms of performance.

When installed in a Fab-Shop, this machine can be interfaced with the Xpress Top kitchen worktops and bathroom counters production software.

The new external layout immediately sets this machine apart from its predecessor.

This evolution makes it possible to control the machining centre completely from just one side, thanks to the new front worktable changeover mode.

Production performance can be further increased thanks to the reduced table changeover time available by selecting the automatic doors open/close option. This allows the operator to focus on the all-important task of setting up the worktable.

A key feature of ROTARY is the modular design of its parts, allowing customers to mix and match the various internal accessory packages available.

The ROTARY series is available with two spindle variants: with HSK-B80 or ISO 40 tool holder clamping systems.

The configurations available feature 3 or 4 axes with accessories capable of supporting a very wide range of machining processes.

ROTARY is also exceptionally easy to use, thanks to the ergonomic console and userfriendly operator interface.

The simple and intuitive approach adopted for the operator’s use of the machining centre even makes it possible to perform CAD-CAM programming operations directly on board the machine.


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