Monowire machine to square blocks

Machine used to square blocks and cut slabs (even thick slabs) of granite by means of a diamond wire.

Machine structure

Machine for squaring blocks and cutting slabs and thick slabs, featuring a heavy-duty, arc-welded steel structure, which is heat treated to ensure the required stiffness of the system and a top cutting precision.

Extremely user-friendly, the machine is provided with a control console with touch-screen housed in the electric cabinet and a mobile button panel to actuate the main working axes.

It is provided with a 1.000 mm Ø driving pulley actuated by an inverter controlled asynchronous motor that optimizes the wire peripheral speed in accordance with the material to be sawn.

A driven pulley with the same diameter is constantly kept under tension by a pneumatic cylinder thus giving the wire the ideal tension. The assembly is complemented by two independent 1.000 mm Ø driven pulleys, and two wire driving pulleys installed next to the points where the wire gets into, and comes out from, the block to be sawn.


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