GENYA - CNC monobloc bridge saw for marble, granite, quartz and ceramic

CNC monobloc bridge saw for marble, granite, quartz and ceramic

The very popular and widely available WORTHY machine has been restyled and upgraded with new technologies to create the new GENYA, which enters the market as the most advanced monobloc CNC sawing machine. 
No foundation
The CNC bridge saw is simply secured to the floor.
Easy-to-use software
The machine’s software interface is easy to use and may be operated on different sophistication levels. 
The “Easy” level allows the operator to rapidly and easily carry out all simple cutting operations using the colour touchscreen.
Through the “Advanced” level, the operator can program more complex cutting and shaping operations.
The control console of the monobloc bridge saw is equipped with a joystick to easily move the several machining axes.
  • Cutting trajectory laser tracker
  • Automatic tilting disk between 0° and 90°
  • Inverter motor/spindle
  • 1/2” gas connection for core drill attachment 
  • Through-spindle water
  • Slab thickness probe for miter cuts with continuous automatic correction of the cutting measurements
  • Axis C Rotation  ± 190°
  • Fixed camera to take a photo of the whole slab with a single snapshot
  • Pick-up unit with suction cups and optimization software with automatic nesting to optimize slab surface usage depending on work orders 
  • Disk diameter electronic control 
  • Tilting table 
  • Work table covered with special rubber to ease ceramic material machining 

New accessories for the monobloc bridge saw CNC GENYA

1 - Automatic labelling system installed onboard the spindle.
The LabelPro system allows pieces to be labelled directly on the machine before being cut, thereby eliminating the need for manual operations or standalone marking stations.

2- Supplementary electro-spindle
with vertical shaft, 3.7 kW/14,000 rpm, specifically designed for the use of finger bit tools and mounted laterally to the spindle holder carriage. It comes complete with a dedicated software.

3 - Breton Vein Matching
software suite to combine 3D surfaces arranged in a “diamond-match” pattern. Incredibly easy


Smart Pack Genya

Breton, aware about the current challenges, intends to concretely support the reactivation of its partners' business.

For this reason until next December 31st, 2020, Breton includes the SMART PACK in the purchase of GENYA.
SMART PACK enables companies to quickly reactivate the complete processing of slabs into finished products while overcoming, at the same time, the health restrictions due to the presence of workers in the same place at the same time
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