GoldenGroove CTV

GoldenGroove CTV

Automatic machine for the execution of V-shaped straight grooves on panels made from natural and compound stone, using shaped diamond wheels.

Robust and precise

Goldengroove CTV has a robust electrowelded steel structure designed to support the rectified worktable and the travelways for the spindle carriage, ensuring machining operations are free of damaging vibrations. 

The grooving spindles are mounted to a carriage, which translate longitudinally along guides with circulating ball slides. The carriage is powered by an inverter-controlled motor reducer unit which ensures maximum “V” grooving precision. 

Flexible, ergonomic and safe

The three grooving spindles are designed  with independent  variable speeds and travel vertically on rectangular prismatic guides, allowing greater machine adaptability for machining various types of materials.

The worktable is fitted with a number of  retracting tyre mounted wheels which are controlled by pedal activated pneumatic pistons, facilitating workpiece positioning.   Front polycarbonate protections guarantee maximum operator safety.

User-friendly and fast to install

The control panel is fitted with a colour monitor and alphanumerical keyboard for machine programming and control, the operator interface is simple to use and intuitive.
The distance of the groove from the edge of the workpiece is programmed from the control panel which automatically moves the motorised rear backing plate against the workpiece.

Goldengroove CTV does not require foundations and is simply secured to the ground.  It is fitted with a system for collecting and conveying the water used in machining  to a single drain outlet. 
Shipping requirements: 40 ft. Open Top container.


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