IMAGEPLUS - System for taking high-res photos of natural and engineered stone slabs, and for their filing, coding and labelling

IMAGEPLUS features an advanced image digitizing technology using a high resolution industrial linear camera and a LED lighting system, which are both specially designed to render the real colours of the material.

The system sets up automatically according to the slab thickness and makes photos which are not affected by the lighting conditions in the surroundings.

The supply includes a control console complete with PC for photo display and coding; the system links some general information (material, colour, thickness, real and "commercial" dimensions that are set according to user-definable parameters, etc.) to each single photo. Information is stored inside a Microsoft-SQL database which is loaded in a server (not included in the supply).

P.S.  The quality of the photos displayed on the PC video depends on the quality and "colour setting" of the video.


IMAGEPLUS includes a printer of labels with bar code that are manually stuck to the slab surface by the operator (manual labelling).

In the automatic version, the label printer sticks automatically the labels to the slab surface.


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