The advanced horizontal straight edge polisher, equipped with slat conveyor system, for edging pieces in marble, granite, engineered stone, Lapitec or ceramic. With its sturdy spindles, special rubberized roller conveyor and wide range of available accessories, Kinger is the edge polisher best suited for the marble worker’s laboratory. Kinger allows creating both beveled and jointed edges, on a single edge or on both, it allows to calibrate the front back band of the piece and to polish perfectly the edge.

Main features

  • High reliable and long-life technology thanks to water resistant oscillating hydraulic spindles
  • High technology efficiency thanks to the centralized motorization of the frontal spindles
  • High shining level thanks to floating spindle movement that guarantees shadow removal
  • Long-life technology thanks to hot-dip galvanized structure and stainless steel mechanical parts that eliminate the rust and corrosion problems, and therefore the need of additional maintenance and downtime costs.
  • High handling accuracy all time long thanks to slat conveyor system


Technical data


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