Levibreton KFT 3600

Levibreton KFT 3600 - Polishing marble slabs machine

The polishing marble slabs LEVIBRETON KFT 3600 comes in three versions, with 8, 14 and 17 spindles which are driven by a 11 kW motor each and hold plates with diameter of 550 mm; each plate holds 9 abrasive bricks for maximum removal capacity.

The version with 17 spindles, specially designed for the most demanding production requirements, is equipped with a halfway bridge installed after the 7th spindle that “separates” the dressing from the polishing section.

The dressing section is therefore stiffer, more “aggressive” and, if desired, capable of holding calibrating spindles on the first positions.

A high-flow washing unit is mounted under the halfway bridge to wash out the residue of the coarse abrasive grains before marble slabs are processed by the finer polishing grains.

LEVIBRETON KFT 3600: a productive philosophy

Breton was the first to develop machines for the continuous polishing of marble slabs, bringing a revolution in the field.

Nowadays, the Levibreton KFT 3600 polishing lines for marble are the most valued and leading-edge answer for companies requiring top-notch polishing quality and high productivity combined with low conversion costs and user-friendliness.

Concepts such as automation, productivity, user-friendliness, easy care, low operating costs and the best polishing quality are absolutely familiar to Breton who knew how applying them masterly to the innovative Levibreton KFT 3600.
Levibreton KFT: a project that has been a striking industrial success for both Breton, the producer, and the customers.

The NEW LEVIBRETON KFT 3600, combining ground-breaking concepts with well-tried solutions, is the evolution of the renowned KFT 3000 that was tested for millions of hours and is used wherever in the world marble is processed.


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