Levibreton ONE Plus

The simple and sturdy machine for processing marbleand granite slabs, has evolved in electronics and in software.
✔ Wide touchscreen panel
✔ Easy interface, user-friendly
✔ Use of brushless engines and latest version available digital electronics

✔ Thanks to the latest generation PC, remote diagnostic is possible too.


✔ Selectable path for different materials/finishing treatment
✔ Possibility to set the step in a very simple way
✔ Possibility to set the speed
✔ Possibility to set the radius instead of the angle for the polishing path
✔ Possibility to set number of runs at the beginning and at the end of the slab
✔ Possibility to store slab dimension
✔ Full control of all the parameters
✔ User friendly icons in order to help the operator


Thanks to the brushless motors, it moves in a very fluid and simple way, because the axes are always «in torque». Acceleration ramps and decelaration ramps are perfectly controlled, without pitches or stickings.
You have a huge reduction of the «shades phenomenon» with the rounding inversion path function.
If the machine is supplied with the camera accessory (optional), the processing of very irregular slabs becomes easier.

The possibility to save some processing «recipes» (polishing path sequences, connected to working parameters) helps the operator, which can use well known parameters for different types of material, gaining in machine set up times and in result constance.

Thank to the synoptic that shows the head travel on the screen, you have an always under control system without the operator stopping the machine or moving dangerously close to the working area.


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