Micron Bellani Edge Polisher

Micron - Machine to shape and polish straight edges with a round regular shape of natural and compound stone pieces

Micron performs the following operations: continuous shaping and polishing of profiles either flat and linear or with a regular round shape (such as bullnose, half bullnose and quarter bullnose edges, etc.), shaping of special profiles, calibration, execution of bilateral bevelled edges, drip grooves and slots on horizontally placed, natural and engineered stone workpieces.
Besides holding 8 edge polishing spindles, "Micron" is equipped with:

• 1 manually positionable calibrating/grinding spindle driven by electric motor, to be fitted with the diamond tool suitable to execute one of the following operations (one operation excludes the others):
a) thickness calibration on the lower stripe
b) execution of slots on the edge, mounting a disk on the calibrating tool
c) edge profiling with a diamond shaped wheel mounted on the calibrating tool (the working height is manually adjusted through a hand-wheel)

• 2 grinding spindles to prepare the edge before it is shaped with the oscillating spindles
• 4 chamfering spindles (2 upper and 2 lower spindles)
• 1 spindle for the drip groove execution


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