BM for Breton

BM for Breton - Multiblade gang saw

Battery unit

The battery supports have been designed to allow easy maintenance and facilitate the replacement of the roller bearings without having to break the cement foundations.The flywheel weighs 8 tons and has a diameter of 3300 mm.

Straight articulated guides

The blade holder is made of steel plates joined solidly together, each of which has a section of 800x60 mm, and slides on straight articulated guides that are practi-cally maintenance free.

The connecting rods

Equal distribution of mechanical thurst over all machine components

Advantages of two connecting rods:

• All the energy and mechanical thrust towards the blade holder is spread on two connecting rods and two cranks instead of just one.
• The two connecting rods which are attached to the extremes of the blade holder help the articulated guides to ensure that it’s movement remains perfectly rectilinear without any deviation.

Big cuts in all sawing costs!


Lower electrical power consumption thanks to:

A - Direct motor flywheel transmission by V-belts
B - Hydraulic coupling to compensate for dead times and facilitate start-ups
C - 3.300 mm diameter - 8 ton flywheel
D - Electronic emergency brake, which together with the hydraulic coupling permits fast machine stop while protecting the motor (optional)
E -  “SCR” power control system (optional)


Major points of wear eliminated thanks to:

A  - Articulated rectilinear guides
B  - Stainless steel parts
C  - Less stress on all moving parts thanks to the 800 mm stroke and the reduced number of cycles/minute.

Blade yield increased thanks to:

A  - The lengthening of the blade-holder stroke to 800 mm, which facilitates the removal of the mud produced during sawing
B  - The new open-duct water sprikling system, ensuring more homogeneous water distribution
C  - Fewer cycles with reduced inversion of the diamond tool


BM for Breton - Diamond-bladed saw for marble with block raising

Entirely  made and assembled in Italy with european  parts and first-rate international components. 


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