The slab cutting process is a complex activity: every single operation has to be optimized to create value.
Breton proposes Combi to evolve the slab cutting process: the following 10 reasons explain why your slab cutting process will enhance with Breton Combi.
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Breton DOCMobile, all the tech documentation in a tap

DOCMobile is the app that makes possible consulting technical documentation alongside the machine on a tablet or smartphone.
Thanks to the QR code unlocking system, the documentation is safe against any possible unauthorized disclosure attempts.
Try the demo.
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SmartDOC, the smart way to find and safely share any technical contents

Thanks to Breton SmartDOC the whole technical documentation is available anywhere, anytime, always updated.
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Genya is smarter with Smart Pack

Breton, aware about the current challenges, intends to concretely support the reactivation of its partners' business.
For this reason, from today until next December 31st, 2020, Breton includes the SMART PACK in the purchase of GENYA, the monoblock 5 axis machining center for cutting, drilling and finishing slabs.

SMART PACK enables companies to quickly reactivate the complete processing of slabs into finished products while overcoming, at the same time, the health restrictions due to the presence of workers in the same place at the same time.
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Breton confirms its pioneer instinct with Combi

After inventing the combined disk&waterjet cut 15 years ago, Breton develops the revolutionary Combi.

Breton Combi is the new monoblock 5-axis combined disk&waterjet slab cutting center, able to perform a wide range of slab processing operations.
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Are you looking for a way to better manage slabs in your warehouse?

Configure your automatic slab warehouse online.

IT’S EASY: you can make it with a few, simple clicks
IT’S COMPLETE: you can customize each and every detail and receive – if needed – the direct and constant support of our technical department
IT’S WORTHWILE: you immediately get the factory direct price

Click the link to start now.
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Tecnema Breton: automatic samples production line

Installed in the Veronese stone working district c/o Antolini – one of the world's biggest stone processing companies – the line has now been operating for several months and causing a stir due to its high output, flexibility and finished product quality.
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Luxmaster KG 5000 Tango

High production line for polishing granite slabs
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Breton Vein Matching, what our customers say

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Robocup system: higher efficiency, less manual interventions

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