Have you missed the Breton Tech Days 2020 on-line webinars?

If you have missed them, now the recorded versions are available.
Last September Breton has shared some webinars with useful tips about technologies and trends in the stone industry
During these times in which people have difficulties to gather together, Breton, infact, wants to continue to support companies in facing their business challenges.

If you have missed them, we leave at your disposal the opportunity to watch the recorded versions.
Below you can choose the ones you prefer.
How to become a Smart kitchen countertop fabricator
Breton shares the way to become a smart kitchen countertop fabricator, able to have a global vision of the project, calculating the cutting planes and disc scraps to the millimetre and, at the same time, meeting the customer’s demands.

Speaker: Marco Brambullo, Sales Engineer at Breton SpA
Language: English
How to evaluate a bridge saw: 10 KPIs to understand value over price
Over the years the cutting and shaping systems have evolved into smart, fully automated processing centers, becoming the desire of medium or large manufacturers. The profitability of a technological solution depends not so much on its initial purchase price, but on the value it determines in the work process. Breton suggests 10 indicators to understand the real value of a cutting technology for the business.

Speaker: Fabiano Zilio, Sales Engineer at Breton SpA
Language: English
5 questions to ask yourself before investing in a combination sawjet
Breton has developed 5 key questions to ask oneself when considering a sawjet for their next investment, to help fabricators discover the right choice to maximize profit and efficiency according to their individualized fabrication needs.

Speaker: Stefano Pegoraro, Customer Service Technician at Breton Usa
Language: English
How to scale the production of kitchen tops: pros and cons of different solutions
The market for kitchen countertops is in a constant state of growth, as a direct result of the increasingly diverse material options available to consumers. Investing in high production equipment in order to expedite manufacturing to meet this new demand is an excellent choice for businesses. Breton explains which is the best technological solution according to the growing objectives in terms of productivity and investment.

Speaker: Fabiano Zilio, Sales Engineer at Breton SpA
Language: English
Lastre di pietra naturale alleggerita: perché investire in questo tipo di produzione
Il settore della pietra naturale può tornare ad essere protagonista, combinando le peculiarità dei propri materiali con nuove tecnologie. Breton illustra le ragioni per investire in questo tipo di produzione e le soluzioni tecnologiche a disposizione. 

Speaker: Michele Stangherlin, Sales Engineering Manager at Breton SpA
Language: Italian
How much does a slab warehouse really cost? 6 ways to value it
Storing slab is a necessary activity: processing, transporting or selling slabs, infacts, require to store them.
Breton proposes 6 ways to value this activity usually considered as a cost.

Speaker: Mauro Roveron, Techinal Sales Manager at Officine Mistrello 
                    Maddalena Orso, Sales Engineering Dept. Specialist at Breton SpA
Language: English


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