Paragon Evo

Paragon Evo - The new benchmark in the market

Paragon multi-wire machines are proposed and manufactured with diamond-shaped wires with diameter of 5.3mm, 6.3mm or 7.3mm.

Breton is at your disposal to see our Paragon machines in action, working with different diameter wires on marble. 

We will provide you with all information you need to make economical calculations of convenience in the use of wires of
different diameter.


• Triangle geometry with just five transmissions

• Diameter of all transmissions of 1.000 mm

• Adjustable wire driving drums

• Easy access to the machine with practical staircases and gangways

• Fast and easy wire change and positioning

• Immediate and intuitive touch screen operator interface for machine management

• Hydraulic tensioner ensuring a uniform tension among wires


Paragon five rotating drums, all of which have a diameter of 1.000 mm, guarantee minimum wire fatigue and a very low cooling water consumption.

The rigidity of the structure and the isosceles triangular geometry with wires just 20 metres long guarantees lower wire vibrations while cutting, leading to higher cutting quality and longer service life of the rubber profiles.

The load-bearing structure

The drums and pulleys are installed inside a rigid, boxed steel structure, which runs along the load-bearing columns, stiffly anchored to the ground and stabilized with steel tie rods that ensure a next-to-nothing deformation for the cutting purpose.

Column deformation while cutting has been checked using finite element mathematical calculations.


Wire stretching pulleys, one for each wire, rotate on bearings and are individually driven by a single hydraulic piston ensuring a uniform and constant tension of each wire; this is essential to prevent wires from being less tensioned, which would reduce the down-feed speed. The arc of movement of the wire stretching pulleys is very large, therefore the wire installation is very easy and any complicated prestretching system has been eliminated.

The staircase and gangway system allows an easy, quick and safe installation of wires.

Both idle and motorized rollers are easily accessible and protected by a sliding guard.

Wire driving drums

Breton patented the independent, motorized positioning of the two wires driving drums, available as an option. Each wire driving drum can get as close to the block as 60 cm, therefore they can be positioned nearest the block.
This means that:
- the cutting quality is always the best;
- the down feed is always the fastest.

Operator interface

The large colour touch screen makes programming the machine and controlling the processing phases intuitive and user friendly. All the work settings and parameters can be controlled and displayed on simple pages with big, clearly visible characters.
The “statistics” section lets you display and extract all the data required to manage sawmill and diamond wires, which feature a wisely structured architecture whether you saw blocks for your own company or for third parties.


Rubber profiles are two-tone (red and gray) to simplify the installation of the wires. Two profile versions are available to meet the customer’s requirements:

-three-groove profile alternated with a single-groove profile, which guarantee a longer service life of the profiles as they have thicker “side walls” and are specifically designed for sawing thicknesses of 20 and 30 mm. A sequence of at least four slabs 20 mm thick or three slabs 30 mm thick must be positioned with this particular combination of grooves.

-three-groove profiles to guarantee the greatest versatility in the thickness cutting sequence.


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