Resin Drone

Cartesian robot for automatic resin treatment of slabs of marble and granite

As efficient as a humanoid robot, but far more economic.
As effective as a humanoid robot, but far easier to program, manage and service.
- Equipped with a series of programs prepared by Breton’s resin treatment specialists, selectable from the panel and suitable for the vast majority of situations/materials.
- Rapid and efficient cleaning of the roller.
- The operator can interact with the system in the work area safely and easily.
- The roller system is a significant improvement in respect of spray application technology because it does not result in fouling of the area or the emission of aerosol, while simultaneously eliminating problems associated with the expulsion of vapours saturated with suspended particles.
- The roller system compresses the resin and forces it into the crevices in the slab surface through mechanical action.

Allows all movements and trajectories of the spreader roller, including rotation, by means of controlled and interpolated axes.

- Automatic resin spreading is performed by a reciprocating unit in accordance with the selected trajectory.
- An automatic system is responsible for positioning and cutting to size of the reinforcing mesh or matting.
- Straightforward and intuitive operating interface with colour touchscreen for programming operations.
- The system is easily accessible by the operator for supervision of maintenance and cleaning functions.


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